VW Caddy Roof Tent

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On a camping trip you need a lot of storage space for climbing gear, diving equipment or fishing accessories? With a VW caddy roof tent, you have on the one hand a comfortable bed on four wheels and on the other hand a lot of storage space in the car itself. Because the VW caddy roof tent is located on the roof of the van, while the luggage compartment grows to its maximum volume by simply folding up or removing the seats, creating space for all kinds of equipment. 

VW caddy roof tent - camping on the panel van from VW  

The VW caddy roof tent from VICKYWOOD transforms your VW Caddy into a small independent motorhome with an incredible amount of storage space. The roof tent is the ideal solution for adventurers with a lot of luggage. A VW Caddy with a matching roof tent is much more than just practical!

The ideal VW caddy roof tent is a hybrid roof tent. This type of roof tent consists of a hard shell and cellulose walls. As a result, the hybrid roof tent offers a particularly large amount of space when assembled.

  • Storage space in the high roof station wagon: Since the hybrid roof tent is mounted on the roof of the VW Caddy, the trunk offers plenty of space for luggage and equipment. If you take out the seats, you can use the maximum volume of your Caddy.
  • Quick setup: Hybrid roof tents are quick and easy to set up thanks to compressed air springs. The fold-out front section provides protection from rain and allows dry entry.
  • Panoramic view: While you lie comfortably on your roof tent mattress, you can enjoy a 180° panoramic view of the landscape around you.
  • More living space thanks to an awning: With a VICKYWOOD awning you create more living space, which you can use as a kitchen, changing room or even a shower.

Buy VW caddy roof tent online at VICKYWOOD

You can find the ideal VW caddy roof tent in the online store of VICKYWOOD. Hybrid roof tents are easy to install and meet the permissible roof load of your Caddy. You can find this in the manual of your VW Caddy.

Whether climbing, diving or fishing - if you need a lot of equipment, the VW caddy roof tent is the optimal solution. Because while you sleep comfortably on the car roof, the equipment remains in the trunk. The matching roof tent accessories and everything else you need for a successful roof tent adventure can be found at VICKYWOOD.