A VW bus is a long-cherished dream for many. Extended road trips and make the whole Atlantic coast unsafe on vacation, spontaneously go to the mountains or the sea over the long weekend: The VW T5 is often already equipped as standard with bed and kitchenette as a camper. If your bus has no camper equipment, you need more space or more sleeping places, a roof tent on your T5 offers a cozy sleeping place for at least two people. The VW T5 roof tents from VICKYWOOD fit perfectly on the roof of the model and are easy to install. Folded up they are super compact and flat, within minutes they turn into your bedroom on the road. With the VICKYWOOD VW T5 roof tent your VW Bus becomes the ultimate camper - for the whole family, for you alone or for the road trip with friends.

VW T5 roof tent from VICKYWOOD

You have a VW T5 Transporter and need the loading area for business or private? You don't feel like a complex and expensive conversion? Your T5 is already converted to a camper, but you want more space and a comfortable bedroom? The roof tents from VICKYWOOD for the T5 are the solution to extend your VW bus by at least two comfortable sleeping places.

This is how VICKYWOOD roof tents complement your T5 and make it the best camper you've ever had:

  • Compatible: our VICKYWOOD VW T5 roof tents are perfectly adapted to the roof of the van and match your bus in size, weight and proportions.
  • Lightweight & compact: When folded, your VICKYWOOD roof tent on the T5 is no bigger than a roof box and weighs less than 100 kg.
  • Bedroom on the road: when set up, there's room for at least two adults plus toddlers or several kids on the comfy mattress.
  • Flexible & easy to set up: Thanks to compressed air springs, the hybrid roof tent for the T5 virtually sets itself up. So you are independent and can spontaneously decide where to set up camp for the night.
  • Comfortable: LED interior lighting, smart compartments for shoes and clothing, premium viscose mattress & many other features ensure a restful night's sleep.

On the road with the whole family in the T5 with roof tent

Your family has grown? With a suitable roof tent your T5 grows with you. Two adults or several children, depending on age and size, sleep comfortably and safely in the VICKYWOOD VW T5 roof tents. And that really feels like adventure: Cozily snuggled up from the roof watching the starry sky, the leaves of the trees rustle in the wind and in the morning you hear birdsong and the sound of the sea. Even thick raindrops that patter on the tent part or on the hard shell of the roof tent, you can listen relaxed: The VICKYWOOD VW T5 roof tents are absolutely waterproof and robust. In more uncomfortable weather conditions and storms, they hold up.

In our online store you can find out which roof tents are suitable for the T5. You will also find all the information about VICKYWOOD and other equipment such as roof tent mattresses, awnings and side wall canopies. Wapne your VW Bus for every trip with a VICKYWOOD roof tent for T5!