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Roof Tent Land Rover

Just get out into nature: With a full tank and a defender roof tent from VICKYWOOD, you can drive your Land Rover to lonely beaches, remote places in the mountains or into the middle of the forest. You can save yourself a lot of planning and time-consuming packing: The defender roof tent, suitable clothing and food are all you need for your weekend in nature. In the VICKYWOOD Online Shop you can buy a defender roof tent for your Land Rover easily and conveniently online. Your order will be delivered within a few working days. Your cozy sleeping oasis can be mounted on the roof of your Defender maybe already next weekend - what are you

Defender roof tent: Camping on the forefather of off-road vehicles

The Defender is a true off-road classic and is characterized by its extremely robust construction and high durability. Since 1948, over two million Land Rover Defenders have been sold worldwide, and many of the very first models are still in operation. Whether you own a classic car or call the very latest Defender your own: A defender roof tent from VICKYWOOD is quick and safe to install and adds a cozy bedroom to this unique off-road talent. Make more of your free time and experience small outdoor adventures whenever possible. Spend romantic nights under the stars or go on a multi-week tour during your annual vacation. A defender roof tent turns your off-road vehicle into a camper without affecting the optimal off-road conditions.

These are the advantages of defender roof tents from VICKYWOOD

  • Lightweight: Mounted on the roof, a VICKYWOOD defender roof tent does not affect off-road capability in any way.
  • Very fast set up & tear down: Compressed air springs ensure that the hybrid roof tents erect as if by themselves within a few seconds.
  • Sturdy & waterproof: hard shell, waterproof outer shell, taped seams & double fabric panels withstand wind & rain.
  • Great sense of space & plenty of room: the combination of hard-shell roof tent & foldable roof tent combines easy setup with a spacious interior - no one gets claustrophobic here.
  • Great view: Windows on three sides allow a 180° view. From the bed you can enjoy the sunrise over the sea and the starry sky. Tight mosquito nets keep out bloodsuckers & annoying critters.
  • Comfortable features: LED lighting, a cozy high density viscose mattress, convenient shoe pockets at the entrance & an adjustable telescopic ladder make nights in the Defender rooftop tent as comfortable as home.

Buy VICKYWOOD defender roof tent & accessories online

In the VICKYWOOD Online Shop you can buy defender roof tents and other outdoor equipment conveniently online. You have questions about our products? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you on the choice of the right roof tent and the assembly!

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