Get out of the daily routine, quickly pack a few things, grab your best friend or girlfriend and just go: How often have we dreamed of this? With the roof tents for 2 people from VICKYWOOD this no longer remains just a dream. Our tents fit on almost every vehicle, have a low weight and protect against cold as well as wetness. With just a few clicks in our online store you can order your mobile sleeping place and be ready for the next road trip or camping vacation.

Independent on the road with the 2 people roof top tent

Travel spontaneously, sleep in the middle of nature and enjoy the sunrise in the morning with a panoramic view - this dream comes true with the VICKYWOOD roof top tents 2 persons. Our models for 2 people are comfortable and cozy at the same time. These advantages await you:

  • Travel cheaply: Sleeping in a roof tent saves you the hotel room and, in some countries, even the parking space. Once purchased, our durable VICKYWOOD tents become a loyal companion, as they are stable and robust
  • Independent & mobile: With a tent on the roof, you always have your bedroom with you. This makes spontaneous excursions and trips through nature possible without any problems. Combined with one of our awnings you get additional space, which you can even use for showering.
  • Sleep comfortably: The VICKYWOOD roof top tents 2 persons are equipped with high-quality mattresses on which even side sleepers can gently slumber. The accompanying washable cover is both soft and water-repellent, so you can easily keep your bed clean and comfortable.
  • Weight: Our car top tents are easy to transport when folded and quick to set up. The VICKYWOOD tents for 2 weighs between 60 and 86 kilograms. Lightweight materials such as an aluminum ladder ensure this.

VICKYWOOD 2-person roof top tents: our selection

For 2 people you will find different models in different colors and sizes. So, there is the right one for every budget and every vehicle. Whether folding roof tent, roof tent with hard shell or hybrid: All our products conjure up a comfortable bed on the car roof quickly and easily. Mosquito nets, waterproof tent fabric, a telescopic ladder and even LED interior lighting are all part of the tent equipment. So you have everything for your trip for two.

Buy roof top tents for 2 people online

VICKYWOOD roof tents are suitable for almost any car. All you need are profile rails and the right roof dimensions. Roof tents for 2 persons need roof dimensions of at least 200 by 130 cm. You want to go camping with a larger group? In our online store you can get the right models for different purposes and in different sizes, for example also a roof tent for 4 persons. Contact us if you have any questions before buying your 2-person rooftop tent. We will be happy to help you prepare for your next adventure.