World Car of the Year 2013, European Car of the Year 2013, Car of the Year 2015 in North America: If you own a VW Golf VII, you know why the car wins all the awards in the small and compact class. At VICKYWOOD, you'll find matching VW Golf roof tents that turn your car into a great camper alternative. Drive to the next lake or go on a road trip lasting several weeks. Your Golf 7 with spacious roof tent offers you a comfortable and quickly assembled sleeping place. Look at the starry sky, listen to the crickets and rustling leaves and enjoy your summer to the fullest. In the VICKYWOOD Online Shop you can easily order the right VW Golf roof tents and Golf 7 Variant to your home.

Roof tent camping with the Golf 7 & Variant

Spending the night in a roof tent is a unique experience. Watch the sunset and the nature around you from the roof of your Golf 7, while you snuggle up and reflect on the day. Once you've had a taste of a roof tent, you'll never want to handle stubborn tent poles or steer a bulky camper through the terrain again. The VW Golf roof tents of VICKYWOOD are suitable for small and compact cars just like for station wagons like the golf 7 variant. The roof tents comply with the respective permissible roof load. You mount them quickly and safely on the roof of your car. There's room for your friends, luggage and camping equipment in the Golf 7, and your mobile bedroom is ready to move into within minutes.

Buy VW Golf roof tents from VICKYWOOD

The VICKYWOOD roof tents for the Golf 7 are designed to be particularly robust, so that they will give you pleasure for a long time. Look forward to these features:

  • Lightweight & compact: when closed, the roof tent fully preserves the driving characteristics of your Golf 7.
  • Tough & weatherproof: waterproof outer shell, taped seams & overlapping fabric panels.
  • Quick to set up
  • Cozy bed for up to two people with high density viscose mattress
  • Great sense of space & large windows
  • Extra comfort: mosquito nets, shoe pockets, LED lighting & easy access via the adjustable telescopic ladder

Golf 7 roof tent conveniently ordered online

VICKYWOOD manufactures roof tents for Golf 7 and almost all popular car types and vehicle styles. Hybrid roof tent, hard shell roof tent or foldable roof tent: Choose the roof tent that fits your car and your needs. You can easily buy your new roof tent online in our store: We deliver it to your doorstep at favorable conditions. Do you have questions about the ordering process, the tents, installation or do you want to know if a particular roof tent is suitable for your Golf 7? Then get in touch with us! By chat, phone or email we are there for you and clarify together which solution is the best for you. See you soon!