Are you looking for an affordable high roof station wagon that makes a clear statement? A Dacia Dokker provides more adventure, camping, independence and driving fun. It offers space to go on vacation with the whole family. A weekend in the mountains or a few days on the North Sea or Baltic coast. With a Dacia Dokker tent this is possible, even without being dependent on accommodation. The roof tents are easily mounted on your vehicle within a few minutes. So nothing stands in the way of your road trip.

Dacia Dokker tents from VICKYWOOD

You have a Dacia Dokker and want to go camping? But you don't have enough money for a motorhome? No problem. A Dacia Dokker tent offers the ideal solution for at least two comfortable sleeping places. This is how VICKYWOOD roof tents complement your car:

  • Compatible: roof tents are ideal to install on the roof of the high-roof station wagon, as weight and size are matched to the car. With an integrated ladder you can easily get up and down.
  • Light & Compact: When you fold the VICKYWOOD car roof tent, it's no bigger than a roof box and very light.
  • Comfortable: Storage compartments for shoes and clothes, LED lighting, premium viscose mattress and other features ensure a restful night's sleep.
  • On-the-go bedroom: when set up, the Dacia Dokker tent from VICKYWOOD accommodates two adults plus a toddler or multiple children.
  • Flexible & easy to set up: State-of-the-art technology allows for quick setup on the roof rack.

On the road with the whole family in the Dacia Dokker

You've got a new addition? The Dacia Dokker combines the advantages of a spacious van with the features of a crossover, so that you are agile even on longer trips and still have room for the whole family. Depending on the series, the Dokker shines with great features. You can sleep comfortably and safely in a Dacia Dokker tent: snuggled up on the roof, you can count the stars, listen to the nightly wind, and in the morning you can hear the birds chirping. In the event of a storm, you won't be standing in the water, but will be safe in the waterproof car roof tent.

Dacia Dokker tent buy online at VICKYWOOD

In our online store you can find out which roof tents are suitable for the Dacia Dokker. You will also find all information about further equipment like roof tent mattresses, awnings or practical sidewall-canopies. You still have questions about our roof tents? Then contact us, we will be happy to advise you personally.