With a Ford Ranger roof tent, you can explore places you can't see when staying in a hotel. Moreover, with your Ford Ranger you are flexible, spontaneous and independent. All you need for a great camping vacation is your pickup truck and the right roof tent.

Whether in the outback of Sweden or in the Bavarian Alps - with the Ford Ranger roof tent you can discover new places and sleep comfortably on the roof or the cargo area. In addition, the car is a robust pickup truck that offers plenty of storage space with its cargo area.

With a roof tent from VICKYWOOD you are optimally equipped for the next camping vacation. Because the off-road vehicle offers two big advantages: A lot of storage space and the possibility to go off-road. With the matching Ford Ranger roof tent, you have a mobile home and can travel to the most beautiful places in the world.

Ford Ranger roof tent - camping on the car roof or cargo area

The optimal Ford Ranger roof tent is a Foldable Roof Tent from VICKYWOOD. Because the folding roof tents are extremely light and can be set up quickly. Nevertheless, the tents are made of durable and lightweight materials. In addition, close-meshed mosquito nets protect you from annoying mosquitoes at night. 

A Ford Ranger roof tent from VICKYWOOD has many advantages:

  • Storage space & organization: With a roof tent you can sleep comfortably on the car roof, while on the loading area the luggage is stowed. And for your shoes there is a large shoe storage at the tent entrance.
  • Sleeping comfort: It is cozy and comfortable in the roof tents from VICKYWOOD. Because the integrated mattresses offer a comfortable sleeping experience. With a roof tent mattress you can increase your sleeping comfort additionally.
  • Low weight: Ford Ranger roof tents are foldable roof tents, which are lightweight and yet durable.
  • Easy to assemble: VICKYWOOD roof tents are extremely lightweight and are also very quick to assemble.
  • Versatile: You can use a Ford Ranger roof tent not only on the car roof, but also on the cargo area. With the large skyline window in the roof, your roof tent becomes a movie theater at night, and you can watch the stars.

Ford Ranger roof tent shop online at VICKYWOOD

With a roof tent from VICKYWOOD, your Ford pickup becomes a mobile home. Ford Ranger roof tents from VICKYWOOD are optimally designed for your pickup and meet the permissible roof load. With a simple look in the manual, you can check the permissible roof load for your off-road vehicle.

If you like to go off-road and still don't want to do without storage space, a Ford Ranger roof tent is optimal for you. In the online store of VICKYWOOD you will find suitable accessories for your next roof tent vacation.