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Hardshell Roof Tents

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With a roof tent you have the possibility to sleep comfortably on the roof of your car. Due to the height of your sleeping place, you have an optimal view to enjoy the last rays of sun on the horizon. In addition, the height protects you from nocturnal visitors such as mice or vermin. Especially popular among roof tent nomads are roof tents with hard shells, because they offer a comfortable sleeping experience, quick assembly and many other advantages. You can find hard-shell roof tents in our online store.

Why should I buy a roof tent with hard shell?

In a roof tent with hard shell, the surface - unlike fabric top roof tents - is made of plastic. If you like it very light, you can go for a variant made of carbon. When packed, the hard-shell roof tents can be transported in the classic way on the car roof. These are the advantages of hard shell car roof tents:

  • While driving, bedding, sleeping bag and Co. can be stored in the hard shell.
  • The shell is made of recyclable material.
  • Hard-shell roof tents have less surface area to get wet because they require less tent fabric.
  • Hard shell tents don't necessarily need a support like a ladder, as they only extend over the roof of the car.
  • Roof tents with hard shell are very quick to set up.
  • The noise level while driving is low because the tents are aerodynamic when folded.

The technical features of hard-shell roof tents

Hard-shell roof tents, which can accommodate at least two adults, fit on almost any car roof. Larger cars are more suitable, because the lying surface of the hard-shell roof tent is adapted to the size of the car roof. They are made of durable, yet lightweight material. The Oxford Cloth and cold foam mat base provides a comfortable sleeping experience. So you won't be woken up by pesky visitors at night, hard shell roof tents have close-mesh mosquito nets at all openings. A removable ladder lets you get in and out with ease.

Buy hard-shell roof tent at VICKYWOOD

Whether you want a hard-shell roof tent or hybrid roof tent, you'll find it at VICKYWOOD. Our online store provides you with a versatile assortment with different alternatives, according to your needs and taste. Whether it's a Mini, Jeep or Golf, you can camp on almost any car roof without having to look for a campsite. Just park and pitch your tent. So you can join the community of roof tent nomads and gain many great impressions. You still have questions about buying a roof tent with hard shell? Then contact us! We will be happy to advise you.