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Roof Tent for 4 persons

With a 4-man roof top tent you are well equipped on a camping trip. A large roof tent can be mounted on almost any car and quickly and easily. Due to the height, you are protected from cold, ground moisture but also from night visitors. If you travel self-sufficient, it may well happen that a curious fox or badger looks past a conventional tent. In our online store you buy roof tents from a wide selection.

High quality 4-man roof top tents from VICKYWOOD

Advocates of roof tents often bring as a main argument that you can enjoy a wonderful view: in the morning the sunrise and at night the starry sky. That is why it is worth buying a 4-man roof top tent from VICKYWOOD:

  • Cost-effective: in contrast to expensive campsites, it is a cheap alternative.
  • Location independent: You have the possibility to set up your camp in different places where you like.
  • Comfortable: With the VICKYWOOD quality mattresses and the large sleeping surface you will be comfortable and cozy at night.
  • Room for the whole family: If the large van doesn't have enough room for the whole family, you can easily add more sleeping space with a four-person roof tent.
  • Lightweight: When folded up, a car roof tent for 4 people doesn't take up much space. The light, yet sturdy material and the resulting low weight hardly increase fuel consumption.
  • Fast: A large roof tent is quick and easy to assemble. For the assembly you need no additional accessories.

4-man roof top tent buy online at VICKYWOOD       

A roof tent for 4 people is ideal if you like to camp as a family in the wild. The roof tents from VICKYWOOD fit almost every vehicle roof: from Mini to Skoda Octavia to VW Bus. If you have decided on a 4-man roof top tent, you should check before buying whether you can attach it to the roof rack of your vehicle. You still have questions about the purchase? Then contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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