A VW Passat and a roof tent: In combination with the modern tent, the mid-size bestseller becomes the ideal travel vehicle with mobile sleeping space. You drive a Passat? Then let's go! With the roof tents from VICKYWOOD you are quickly ready to go and set off independently and safely on your next vacation. Whether camping or road trip, the adventure can begin. Buy your new roof tent comfortably and easily in the VICKYWOOD Online Shop.

Travel with your VW Passat roof tent

The first birds are chirping, you can hear the waves gently flowing towards the shore and you open the window of the roof tent on your Passat half-asleep. Outside over the lake the sun is just rising and you wonder what new experiences the dawning day will bring. Sounds good? Then a roof tent from VICKYWOOD could be just the thing for you. Whether you drive a Passat B8 or any other model, our VW Passat roof tents will fit your vehicle and also keep within the allowable roof load.

VICKYWOOD roof tents for the VW Passat

The VW Passat roof tents from VICKYWOOD turn your VW Passat into a faithful travel companion. So, you can expect a comfortable sleeping place, which you can safely and easily take with you everywhere:

  • Lightweight: The VW Passat roof tents weigh between 60 and 80 kg and can be folded compactly. Once folded, they do not affect the handling of your car.
  • Resistant materials: The tents from VICKYWOOD are made of durable materials. A waterproof outer shell and special roof tent mattresses that can withstand high humidity ensure that you sleep comfortably and dry. Not only are you well protected from moisture, but we also keep nasty bloodsuckers at bay with mosquito nets.
  • Special atmosphere: To ensure that the roof tent on your Passat is not just a place to sleep, large panoramic windows provide a breathtaking view of nature. With a power bank and LED interior lighting, you can easily bring light into the dark and create an atmospheric ambience.
  • Sleep comfortably: The VICKYWOOD VW Passat roof tents offer space for three to four people. Stow your shoes in the practical storage at the entrance and then climb into the cozy interior. The high-density viscose mattress with a lying length of 240 cm lets even side sleepers sleep as comfortably as at home in their own bed.
  • Easy to set up: Our roof tents are quick and easy to set up.

Buy VICKYWOOD VW Passat roof tents online

VICKYWOOD roof tents are quick and easy to install on your VW Passat or similar car. They are suitable for almost any vehicle. You want to travel with 3 more people? Then our roof tents for four people could be something for you. Click through our online store and order your new roof tent for the next trip or vacation. We deliver it cheap to your home and are always available for questions.