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Hybrid Roof Tents

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Take a spontaneous trip out into nature on the weekend and switch off, get a taste of nomadic air on a camping vacation. Or maybe you want to live permanently independent of location? With a roof tent you are flexible and have plenty of space for your luggage, for sleeping and relaxing. Also, you have a great view over the landscape from the roof of your car.

Mice, bugs and other vermin, mud and wet ground are far away. An ordinary tent or camper can't compete with that. Hybrid roof tents are a mixture of hard-shell roof tent and foldable roof tents and offer you a lot of comfort and independence. In our online store you will find hybrid roof tents and all you need to know about them.

Why should I buy a hybrid roof tent?

A hybrid roof tent consists of a hard shell and walls made of tent fabric, as well as a fold-out tent section. This gives you extra space when set up and a compact load on the car roof when you close the hard-shell body. These are the other advantages of a hybrid roof tent:

  • Easy & fast setup of the hybrid roof tent
  • Hardly any influence on the driving behavior of the car when the hard shell is closed
  • Plenty of space inside the hybrid roof tent & a large sleeping area
  • More storage space for your luggage in the trunk
  • Large windows with mosquito nets for a great view & mosquito-free nights
  • Optimal lying comfort thanks to quality mattress
  • Easy access to the hybrid roof tent via telescopic ladder

Functions & special features of our hybrid roof tents

Our hybrid roof tents are particularly easy and quick to set up thanks to compressed air springs. The folded-out front section offers protection from rain and allows dry entry. Large shoe storage at the entrance keeps dirty shoes away from the inside of the hybrid roof tent. Three large side windows on the hybrid rooftop tent provide a 180° panoramic view of the landscape around you.

Thanks to mosquito nets, air circulates inside without letting insects in. Because the smart LED lighting, which is powered by a power bank, is sure to attract quite a few bugs at night. What's more, our hybrid roof tents are absolutely waterproof.

The hard shell, waterproof tent fabric, overlapping fabric panels and glued seams provide optimal protection from rain. Even strong wind cannot harm the stable construction. When closed, no additional cover is needed, the hard-shell body keeps your mattress and bedding safe.

You don't need a van or SUV for our hybrid roof tents. The design fits almost any vehicle and is easy to install. The extendable telescopic ladder adjusts to the height of the car roof. Due to the low overall weight and the aerodynamic shape of the closed hard shell, the hybrid roof tents have little impact on the car's handling. Even a small car with less power is suitable as a drivable base for our hybrid roof tents.

Buy hybrid roof tent at VICKYWOOD

With a hybrid roof tent, you have the comfort and the advantages of a camper or van and the usual mobility of your car. With your hybrid tent on the roof of your car, you can easily cover rough tracks and set up camp in the middle of nature, independent of campsites and parking lots - in just a few steps! If you want to buy a hybrid roof tent, a hard-shell roof tent or a foldable roof tent, VICKYWOOD is the right partner for you! Here you can buy roof tents for many different types of cars. Also, awnings, side wall awnings and other practical equipment around the topic of car roof tents and camping can be found in our online store. We are happy to advise you on our hybrid roof tents and our range, contact us now!