For generations, the Bulli is considered a cult vehicle and not without reason: Because with the VW Bus the way becomes the destination! Already since the 70s, the VW Bus, also affectionately called "Bulli", is the ideal companion for camping vacations.

With a matching VICKYWOOD VW bus roof tent, the Bulli becomes a rolling bed, the way a destination and the camping vacation a true adventure. Because every kilometer you travel makes history. The Bulli is the faithful companion for the adventurous camping vacation! Every overnight stay in the Bulli or on the roof of the VW Bus becomes a memory thanks to the roof tent.

VW bus roof tent - Camping on the cult car from VW  

In the vernacular, the VW Bus is considered a fusion between a bus and a van, which is why it is often referred to as the "Bulli". Today, the Bulli is a real cult car that is used, among other things, as a vacation vehicle or camper. With a VICKYWOOD VW bus roof tent, the popular vehicle becomes a motorhome for the whole family.

The ideal VW bus roof tent is a hybrid roof tent from VICKYWOOD. Hybrid roof tents are the perfect combination of hard-shell roof tent and folding roof tent. Thanks to compressed air springs on the side, the hybrid roof tent is super easy and extremely fast to set up. The roof tent on the VW Bus offers an additional lying area of almost two meters in length - perfect for the whole family!

All advantages of the Bulli roof tent at a glance

If you need space for the whole family when camping, you can attach the right roof tent to your VW Bus. Since hybrid roof tents consist of a hard shell as well as cellulose walls, a roof tent offers especially much space when set up. However, the VW bus roof tent brings even more advantages:

  • Easy & fast assembly: If it has to go faster in the evening, you are on the safe side with a hybrid roof tent! The roof tent can be set up extremely easily and quickly thanks to compressed air springs.
  • 70s charm: In the van plus matching VW bus roof tent you feel transported back to the 70s and can experience your camping vacation with a pinch of nostalgia.
  • Optimal comfort: With the VICKYWOOD quality mattresses and the large lying surface you will be comfortable and cozy at night.
  • Storage space & room for the whole family: If the large capacity van no longer offers enough space for the whole family, you can easily expand the space with a roof tent for the VW Bus by adding another lying area for tired adventurers.

Roof tent for the VW Bus buy online at VICKYWOOD

With a roof tent from VICKYWOOD, the Bulli becomes a rolling bed with four-wheel drive. The VW bus roof tent from VICKYWOOD meets the permissible roof load and is optimally designed for the Bulli. For all who want to be on the safe side: The permissible roof load is noted in the respective manual.

For unforgettable stories as well as adventures to remember, we recommend a camping vacation with Bulli and the matching roof tent from VICKYWOOD. In the VICKYWOOD online store you can also find the right accessories for your next roof tent adventure.