Whether Mini Cooper or Mini Countryman - even for the sleekest vehicle there is a suitable Mini roof tent. With a tent on the roof, the small Mini becomes a practical camping vehicle. Because besides camping, flexibility and spontaneity are also in vogue. With a Mini roof tent, you are ready for unique adventures in nature.

While your Mini turns into a bed on four wheels, you can stow your luggage and all kinds of equipment in the trunk. This way, you get the maximum space from the minimum footprint. Drive away, open the roof tent and experience adventure - what are you waiting for?

Mini roof tent - lightweight with large sleeping area

The ideal mini roof tent is a foldable roof tent. Compared to other types of roof tents, foldable roof tents are lighter because they do not have a hard shell. Foldable roof tents are optimal for summer vacations in warmer and drier regions.

  • Flexible attachment: Foldable roof tents can be attached to your Mini both lengthwise and crosswise.
  • Large lying area: Mini roof tents offer you a maximum lying area of 2.40 meters, depending on the version. It only gets cozier with our VICKYWOOD Cloudy Touch Pillow Blanket.
  • Space-saving: Although you have enough space as well as lying area when set up, the foldable roof tent is only half the size. During the journey the folding roof tent is therefore inconspicuously flat.
  • Tree house feeling: While you lie comfortably on your roof tent mattress, you can enjoy the view through the large windows in the tent. Mosquito nets protect you from unwanted guests.
  • Waterproof: Thanks to a completely waterproof outer shell, overlapping fabric panels and taped seams, you'll stay dry inside the tent despite bad weather.

Mini roof tent buy online at VICKYWOOD

In the online store of VICKYWOOD you will find your suitable mini roof tent. All VICKYWOOD roof tents fulfill the permissible roof load of your vehicle. If you want to be on the safe side, you can read this in the manual of your Mini.

With your Mini roof tent, you are ready for special adventures in nature. Although the Mini - as the name suggests - is not the biggest camping vehicle, you can get the maximum space out of your Mini with a car roof tent. You can find practical roof tent accessories that will turn your camping vacation into a highlight at VICKYWOOD.