You love camping? Enjoying the starry sky at night and the sunrise in the morning? Then you are perfectly suited in a rooftop tent. A Foldable Roof Tent is a type of roof tent that is especially popular with off-roaders and families with children, as they are particularly suitable for use in warmer and drier areas. This is because even in hot temperatures, Foldable Roof Tents provide a comfortable indoor climate inside. You can find Foldable Roof Tents and other roof tents in a large selection in our VICKYWOOD Online Shop.

These are the advantages of folding roof tents

Folding roof tents usually do not have a hard shell and are therefore lighter than other types of roof tents. These are other benefits of Foldable Roof Tents:

  • Flexible attachment: Depending on the design, you can mount your model both lengthwise and crosswise on your car.
  • Space-saving: When erected, the area of the pop-up roof tent is usually twice as large as when it is dismantled. This means you can save space for transport and have the possibility to store additional luggage on the roof.
  • Higher space comfort: Due to the pointed roof shape you have a larger sleeping area inside and a higher ceiling (about 1.20 meters to 1.40 meters), so you can also store clothes or similar in the tent and find space with several people.
  • Covered entrance: Depending on the model, VICKYWOOD offers car roof tents with covered entrance or igloo entrance. The awning offers dry space to store wet or dirty clothes and shoes.
  • Cheaper: Tents of this design are somewhat cheaper than comparable hard-shell roof tents.
  • Regulated indoor climate: Some Foldable Roof Tents regulate the climate by means of a special inner tent, as the double wall absorbs condensation and releases it to the outside.
  • Lighter: Foldable Roof Tents are suitable for transport, as they are lighter than, for example, tents made of hard shell.

Buy Foldable Roof Tents online at VICKYWOOD     

Quickly set up on the vehicle and get to the sleeping place via the ladder - in each of the different models of Foldable Roof Tents from our online store you spend the night cozy and comfortable. When camping in a roof tent, you don't have to worry about getting wet or having visitors at night. Car roof tents are the ideal solution for those who like off-road camping. Order your new Foldable Roof Tents online at VICKYWOOD now.