Everything you'll need to know after your purchase and for the delivery to your home.

Here you'll find frequently asked questions around the assembly of your tent.

Before you start your journey, there are important rules and laws you should be aware of.

Things you should know as a new and more experienced rooftop tent camper. 

Did you know?

Our tents are fitted with a memory foam mattress so you sleep as good as in your own bed at home.

Everything you'll need to know after your purchase and for the delivery to your home.

The standard deliveries of small packages are usually made within 3-4 working days. We send roof tents by courier. Depending on the place of delivery, it can take 1-2 weeks. You can calculate the exact delivery time here.

If you want to return goods to us, please note our cancellation policy.

For returns that are not related to a complaint, you pay the return costs. You can find everything else in our cancellation policy.

When we have received the goods, the refund is always made in the same way as the original payment. You can find further details in the cancellation policy.

 If you have entered your delivery address incorrectly or would like to change the delivery address, it is best to send us an email or use our contact form. If you have already received a shipping confirmation, it may no longer be possible to change the address. However, please feel free to contact us and we will try to pass on the change.

If something is wrong with your purchased item, please send us an email to with a description and photos of your concern. We will get back to you accordingly and send you new goods or spare parts, depending on the case. The goal is for you to be as happy as possible with your product.

We have warehouses at our two locations in Gersthofen and Hemmingen. You are also welcome to pick up your roof tent personally at these locations - please make an appointment with us beforehand! You can contact us via our contact form, by email or reach by phone . If you would like to take your desired roof tent with you in connection with a viewing appointment, please clarify availability with us in advance.

The delivery of your roof tent always takes place in direct consultation with you. The respective forwarding agency will contact you to agree on the exact delivery date. You will be contacted again on the day of delivery. Please check the condition of the shipment immediately after delivery and unloading. If the goods are obviously severely damaged during delivery, please refuse acceptance and let the carrier make a note of this. If you can see small damage to the cardboard boxes from the outside, but everything else is fine, you should definitely have that noted. Only then should you sign that you have received your roof tent.

Of course! You can come by our VICKY VILLAGE at our locations in Gersthofen and Hanover and check out and try all the models! You can make an appointment here. If you would like to take your desired roof tent with you in connection with a viewing appointment, please clarify availability with us in advance. Also, we have many dealers who have their own rooftop tent exhibitions. You can find the map with the individual locations and contact details below in the shop or on our website.

For various reasons, we have decided against delivering products directly to private customers in Switzerland. However, with Overland Outfitters we have a large and competent partner in Switzerland, through which you can optain our range online and offline easily. In Kemptha, in the Zurich region, there is also a large showroom where our tents can be viewed.

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Here you'll find frequently asked questions around the assembly of your tent.

Since every vehicle is different, you should clarify whether assembly is even possible based on the permissible dynamic roof load and the permissible total weight. Ask your vehicle manufacturer or car deale about the permissible total roof load. This is not specified in the vehicle documents. You can find the respective weight of our different tent models on the product pages in our online shop.

Important: the dynamic roof load of your vehicle refers to the permissible weight that can be on the roof while driving. If the car is parked and the tent is set up properly, this limit may be exceeded.

Your roof tent is mounted on a roof rack system. These are available in different versions. You can find details, for example, in our blog post. There are also universal holders, but we cannot recommend these for safety reasons. If in doubt, ask your car dealer or the nearest car workshop about a robust option for a roof rack for a roof tent and the associated load. In general, with a fixed roof rail and stable carriers, the assembly of your roof tent is done in a few steps.

When using twoi crossbeams, they should be 70-80cm apart. However, the recommended number of crossbars depends on the size and type of tent. For larger tent models you need 3-4 crossbeams. Please contact us for an individual consultation. The recommended distance between the cross members also changes accordingly. Please also note the legal limits and dimensions, which are used according to the road traffic regulations for cargo.

If you decide to have the roof tent assembled by us, we will carry out the following work for you: We assemble the roof tent (including any necessary pre-assembly of the tent accessories) on your existing roof rack system and unfold the tent with you once and again to show you the handling live. Assembly can take place at our two locations in Gersthofen and Hemmingen. Please note that we can only carry out the assembly for you on classic cross members.

Of course, the best thing is always the roof rack system that fits your vehicle. You can find out more about this from the vehicle manufacturer or a car workshop of your choice. However, universal systems from well-known manufacturers also work.

To attach our roof tents, the crossbars on your car roof must not be wider than 8.5 cm. If the crossbars are wider, you cannot mount your roof tent with the supplied mounting material and you may have to tinker with a special solution.

SMALL + BIG WILLOW: approx. 67 cm

CUMARU models: approx. 80 cm

BALSA LIGHT: approx. 67 cm

MIGHTY OAK: approx. 71 cm

The length of our M8 screws is 55 mm. Depending on the roof rack system used, you can also use your own M8 screws if the screws are too long or too short for you. Please only use high-quality screws made of stainless steel and ideally self-locking nuts, as the entire braking load can act on these screws when braking.

Our hard shell and hybrid roof tents have gas springs for user-friendly opening. This means that the roof tents open almost by themselves, without you having to use a lot of force. You open the folding roof tents with the help of the ladder, which you use as a lever. With a little practice, the handles will be in place and folding and unfolding is also possible here without using excessive force. You can also find the manuals with assembly instructions in our online shop for download linked to the respective models.

Assembly service

You want us to mount your rooftop tent for you? No problem - just contact us via e-mail or our contact form!

Before you start your journey, there are important rules and laws you should be aware of.

No one can give you an overall answer as to where you are allowed to stand with your roof tent, as there are different rules everywhere. In general, you are always on the safest side with an official campsite. If that's not enough for you or you want to spend the night away from the hustle and bustle, you have to follow a few rules. Camping on public land is prohibited in Germany and many other EU countries. In Germany you are only allowed to park in a public car park "to restore your ability to drive". This regulation is an exception that you must be able to justify well if an inspection takes place. Another possibility are marked areas at the edges of forests or meadows where you can spend the night. But there are very few of them. Alternatively, you can also ask a farmer if you can stand on his meadow. But what you should definitely not do: never stand in nature reserves or on private property. The penalties can be very expensive. In countries like Norway with the right of public access, you can stay almost anywhere, as long as it is not private property and you are always 300 - 500 m away from the nearest settlement. In any case, inform yourself about the current legal situation.

If you mount your roof tent on your roof rack in the normal way, you don't have to go to the TÜV for acceptance or to make a registration. However, we recommend that you dismantle the roof tent if you have to go to the TÜV and it is only about your vehicle.

If you regularly check all moving parts and screw connections on your vehicle, you are always on the safe side. You can regularly treat hinges and other moving parts on the tent with a little lubricant. To avoid stains or even mold forming in your tent, make sure to open and air it regularly so that moisture can escape. More on this in our care instructions.


In our online shop you can not only find various rooftop tents, but also a wide range of camping equipment for your next vacation.

Things you should know as a new and more experienced rooftop tent camper.

The dynamic roof load indicates the maximum weight in kg that your vehicle can carry while driving. It is best to ask your vehicle manufacturer or car dealership about the maximum roof load.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question conclusively, since every vehicle and every structure on our customers' vehicles is different. In general, however, if you still have enough space between the roof and the roof tent, there should be no problems. Please also think about the roof load, which becomes relevant when the roof tent is attached. The roof load can change due to the sunroof.

Most of our roof tents are equipped with a 6 cm thick memory foam mattress, which ensures a high level of comfort. The top of the mattress cover has a cozy flannel look.

The underside of the roof tent, i.e. the floor, is a so-called "sandwich floor" and is made of aluminum. A honeycomb cast core is located between the top and bottom plates. The air pockets in the individual honeycombs offer additional insulation from below, like in a sleeping pad. This is important, because if you only slept on a bare aluminum plate, you would quickly cool down, even in summer.

With folding roof tents such as the WILLOW series (BIG WILLOW, SMALL WILLOW) and the BALSA LIGHT, sleeping bags and blankets can theoretically remain inside. Of course, this always depends on the number and thickness of the equipment. Our hard shell roof top tents do not offer storage capacity for bedding while driving.

 The angle of the CUMARU tents is approx. 45°.

The tent fabric of our modern and robust roof tents usually consists of at least 320 g ripstop polyester fabric, i.e. PU-coated synthetic fibers that have a very high load-bearing capacity. The walls of the tents are opaque, water-repellent, UV-resistant and absolutely tear-proof. Depending on the model, details such as the water column and fabric thickness may vary. You can find out which roof tent was made with which material in the technical data sheets or in the item description in our shop.

That depends on several factors: on the one hand, it depends on what equipment you have, i.e. sleeping bag, clothing, etc. In addition, the perception of heat and cold is a very subjective perception and depends on the outside temperature. Anyone who has ever been camping knows this. Basically, hard shell tents insulate more than folding tents with pure fabric panels, since more heat can be stored inside the tent via the hard top. But the great thing about our tents is that we have chosen a very strong tent fabric and our tents are equipped with a sandwich floor with honeycomb structures. This insulation not only protects the inside of the tent from the cold, but also from heat radiation. There is a matching thermal inner tent for most tent models, which further increases winter readiness.

Our roof tents are always a bit heavier in detail. This is because we only use high-quality materials, very strong fastenings and high-quality insulation material and fabrics in our tents. These materials are usually a bit thicker and heavier than those commonly used by our competitors.

Since our tent walls are made of 320 g ripstop polyester fabric, we can boast a water column of 3000 mm to 5000 mm, which is really good! Depending on the type and use, we also use other types of fabric. You can read the exact water column and material composition in the item details in the shop.

Yes, all our tents have side windows, all fitted with mosquito nets. In the event of rain or wind, however, these must be closed, otherwise water may get inside the tent. Some tent models also have transparent skylights through which you can see the stars in good weather.

All our tent models are equipped with LED interior lighting. You can simply connect this to a power bank.

Yes, there is an awning for most tents. You can find these in the shop in the "Awnings" category. If you are unsure, send us an email or simply give us a call.