Just drive off and enjoy nature - with your Suzuki Jimny and a roof tent you are flexible on the road. All you need is the right Suzuki Jimny roof tent, which optimally meets the conditions of the off-road vehicle.

Since the Suzuki Jimny is an off-road vehicle and off-roader, foldable roof tents are the best choice. This is because foldable roof tents are lighter than other types of roof tents. They are also a space-saving option that are half the size when removed than when erected. So, with a Suzuki Jimny roof tent from VICKYWOOD, nothing can stand in the way of your camping vacation.

Suzuki Jimny roof tent - camping on the car roof of the off-road legend

The off-road vehicle from Suzuki is compact, has a low weight and is particularly impressive off-road. Because the Suzuki Jimny overcomes any terrain. Whether in the mountains or through valleys - with your Suzuki Jimny roof tent you can travel to the most different places and spend the night comfortably on the car roof of your off-road vehicle.

A Suzuki Jimny roof tent brings the following benefits:

  • Space miracle: while the Suzuki Jimny roof tent is your comfortable bed when traveling, everything you need for the roof tent vacation is stored in the luggage compartment.
  • Lightweight: Suzuki Jimny roof tents are foldable roof tents that are lighter than hard-shell roof tents.
  • Roof load optimized: When choosing a roof tent, it is important to consider the vehicle's allowable roof load. Suzuki Jimny roof tents have the optimal weight for the permissible roof load.
  • Easy assembly: VICKYWOOD roof tents are extremely light and can also be assembled very quickly.

Suzuki Jimny roof tent buy online at VICKYWOOD

With a roof tent from VICKYWOOD, you can easily upgrade your Suzuki Jimny to a comfortable bed on four wheels. Suzuki Jimny roof tents are lightweight, provide a comfortable sleeping experience, and meet the allowable roof load. If you're not sure what your model's allowable roof load is, take a look at the manual.

For those who love off-road camping, the Suzuki Jimny roof tent is the ideal solution. For an unforgettable roof tent vacation, you can find the right accessories in the online store of VICKYWOOD. Whether roof tent mattress or Voited blanket - VICKYWOOD makes it possible!