Stopping wherever and whenever you want, waking up near a lake in the morning and a breathtaking panoramic view in the evening - if you think of a trip with a roof tent, you immediately have a romantic idea in mind. But what sounds like pure camping luxury becomes reality with a Lada Niva roof tent! Because all you need for an adventurous camping vacation is your SUV and the right roof tent.

With permanent four-wheel drive and a spare wheel under the hood, the Lada Niva is the perfect adventure vehicle. Whether off-road or through humpy terrain - with this car the roof tent vacation becomes a great experience. Because the Russian off-road vehicle with matching roof tent calls for freedom and adventure.

Lada Niva roof tent - camping on the roof of the Russian off-road vehicle 

The Lada Niva is a Russian off-road vehicle, also known as the 2121 or WAS 2121. In Austria, the Lada Niva is also called Taiga. Niva translated means something like "field". Therefore, the off-roader is perfect for camping trips in rustic areas. The roof tent turns the Lada Niva into a home with four-wheel drive.

The optimal tent for your car roof is a foldable roof tent from VICKYWOOD. They can be set up extremely quickly and are extremely lightweight. Since the folding roof tents are made of resistant and light materials, they are optimal for adventurous camping trips. Even if it gets wet outside, your Lada Niva roof tent will stay dry even in the heaviest rain thanks to a completely waterproof outer shell, overlapping fabric panels and taped seams.

A Lada Niva roof tent from VICKYWOOD convinces all along the line:

  • Flexible attachment: Depending on the version, you can mount your roof tent both lengthwise and crosswise on your off-road vehicle.
  • 70s charm: With your Lada Niva roof tent you can enjoy your camping adventure to the fullest and experience the unique charm of the 70s up close.
  • Space-saving: When set up, the surface area of a folding roof tent is usually twice as large as when taken down. This means that you can save space during transport and store additional luggage on the roof.
  • Sleeping comfort: It is cozy and comfortable in the roof tents from VICKYWOOD anyway. It is especially cozy with the VICKYWOOD Cloudy Touch Pillow Blanket.
  • Versatile: Folding roof tents can regulate the climate in the tent thanks to a special inner tent. Whether in the hot tropics or the frosty Alps, the pop-up roof tent absorbs condensation and releases it to the outside.

Lada Niva roof tents online at VICKYWOOD

With a roof tent from VICKYWOOD, your Lada Niva becomes a home away from home with a four-rim drive. The equipment from VICKYWOOD meets the regulations such as the permissible roof load and is optimally designed for the off-road vehicle. If you want to be on the safe side - in the manual you can check the permissible roof load for your Lada Niva.

For adventurers and roof tent fans the Lada Niva roof tent is the perfect product! In the online store of VICKYWOOD you can find suitable roof tent accessories for your next roof tent adventure.