Roof Top Tent MIGHTY OAK LIGHT 165 grey

MIGHTY OAK®LIGHT: Combining Folding Tent and Hard Shell in one

The MIGHTY OAK® LIGHT is a fusion of a folding tent and a hard shell, making it a stylish addition to any vehicle. Its sleek design is complemented by its super lightweight build, aided by STABILUS gas springs on the sides for easy setup. Simply release the four straps underneath, and the shell effortlessly elevates. Then, unfold the front part to reveal a sleeping area over two meters long!

Ultimate comfort and convenience

Once set up, you add the aluminum telescopic ladder and climb into your MIGHTY OAK® LIGHT. Store your shoes in the two shoe pockets at the tent entrance for easy access. Enjoy a spacious interior with windows on both sides and at the head, allowing you to admire the surrounding landscape. All windows are equipped with fine-mesh mosquito nets for ventilation without unwanted insects. Plus, the dimmable warm white LED interior lighting, powered via USB connection to a power bank, eliminates the need for flashlights.

When it's time to rest, the memory foam mattress with water-resistant cover offers optimal comfort, ensuring a good night's sleep comparable to your bed at home.

Care and maintenance

Refer to our maintenance guide for proper care of your roof tent. Please also review the assembly instructions and safety precautions provided for our roof tents.

P.S.: The name "MIGHTY OAK®" speaks for itself - thanks to its recyclable Extreme ABS hard shell, it's incredibly robust and can remain mounted on your roof for extended periods.

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Available from: 30.07.2024
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