Memory foam mattress 160 with cover

OUR mattress - for the weightless lying feeling

First of all: You don't have a roof tent from VICKYWOOD, but you don't want to miss this wonderful sleeping experience in your roof tent? No problem! Our 6 cm thick mattress fits in every roof tent with a lying surface of 160 x 240 cm.

Memory foam

This thermoelastic foam is easily recognizable by the fact that a deformation caused by pressure only disappears after seconds. So when you lie down on the mattress, it yields at the corresponding support surfaces depending on your weight and thus nestles exactly to your body's center of gravity lines, so to speak.

Important to know

The full effect only becomes apparent when the foam is warmed by your body and thus becomes more pliable.

The advantage is obvious

The entire body is supported in a pressure-relieving way and you get a feeling of weightlessness.

In addition, the memory foam mattress is well suited for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as it does not provide a good breeding ground for dust mites. The water repellant cover is very comfortable on the skin and has a SBS zipper so it can be removed for washing.

239,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
Available from: 30.08.2024