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The most frequently asked questions. If the question you are looking for is not listed, you can send us a message below in the contact form, we will answer as soon as possible!

Standard deliveries are made within 3-4 working days.

Please carefully pack the return in our original packaging or in your own, sturdy cardboard box and enclose the completed cancellation form with your return. You can print the return label for a free return in your account under the menu item "Orders / Returns". The return label is then placed on the outside of the package. No previous addresses or barcodes may be visible. Please also make sure that the glued label does not protrude over the edge. The barcode must be completely legible. No printer available? Then simply load a Hermes QR code onto your smartphone in your online account. You show this in a Hermes parcel shop and there you create a label for yourself. Very important: keep the receipt for the return delivery well until we confirm the receipt of your return by email!

You can find the return label to print out in your account under the menu item "Orders / Returns". Another return label can be requested by phone or email from customer service if e.g. B. the consignment consists of several packages.

We will confirm the receipt of your return via email. This usually takes place within 10 working days after submitting your return.

We will confirm receipt of your return by email and refund you the amount depending on the payment method as follows: Purchase on account Simply subtract the value of the return from the invoice amount. If you overpay, please let us know your IBAN for a transfer. Credit card The amount of your return will be refunded to your credit card. This can take up to 3 working days after the return credit. SEPA direct debit Since the debit takes place after 19 days, returns are automatically taken into account. Our notification email (SEPA Direct Debit Advance Notice) states the amount that will actually be debited. Prepayment Please give us your IBAN on the cancellation form for a return transfer. Sofortüberweisung We will refund the return credit to the account from which we received the payment. This can take up to 3 working days after the return credit.

A purchase on account is only possible from a purchase amount of 30 euros and only registered via My account. We also reserve the right to exclude payment methods and make them dependent on a credit check, a maximum order quantity or your return rate. That means if z. For example, if your return rate is too high, we may temporarily no longer offer this payment method. (The return rate describes the ratio of the items you return to the number of items you have ordered. And we want to keep them as low as possible for reasons of economic and ecological sustainability.

In order to be able to supply you quickly and smoothly, our logistical processes are highly automated. Changes or cancellations of orders are therefore only possible in a very small time window. We will notify you by email as soon as your order has left our warehouse. Using the tracking number, you can coordinate or change delivery details with the respective carrier.